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Ryana [ リヤナ ]
09 July 2017 @ 06:50 pm
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HEY! SAY! JUMP + ARASHI ≠ LIFE! = NU'EST, that's it. I made this journal all because of my overflowing love towards JUMP but later on, I fell in love to Arashi. Then real life started to catch up that it got me focused and forget these beloved fandoms. Surprisingly, some time later, I found myself in MIR (and some other fujoshi stuffs), IOI, PD101S2 and Nu'est.

As for fanfictions, I wrote my crappy babies whenever I have excess time and ideas, and also if someone likes them. But so far, I'll be honest, nobody likes them anymore! Hahaha, my writing style isn't good now and my life is a repetitive routine: work and home. If you're only here for my fictions, please exit now. I'm not adding friends anymore.

I'm still socially active tho, just in Twitter. I'm mostly there 24/7 lurking quietly for Nu'est-sunbaenim and Jonghyun-oppa updates. My Twitter ID is @ryanadesu. Give me a tweet or DM and I'll reply. :)

Thank you very much, and see you next time!

STUPID UPDATES: Photobucket tweaked their policies and decided to block the images if they aren't in the upgrade system. I'm one of them, damn. I decided to use the Scrapbook again (I hate it since the number of my uploads aren't exact to the real ones AND SOME GIFS AREN'T WORKING EITHER!) so you'll be seeing some updates but that's just me editing, lol.
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