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26 August 2012 @ 09:01 pm
[sticky post] 〈( ^.^)ノ Welcome aboard!  

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FANFICTION INDEX! || Twitter: @ryanadesu

About me, a little bit of this and that:
→ I go by the name of Ryana in the cyber world. In other words, this is not my real name.
→ I live in one of the urban provinces, somewhere in the Pearl of the Orient Seas.
→ I am a year younger to Dai-chan and also, sharing the same birthdate with Kyosuke-kun.
→ I like J-POP, anime/manga, dorama, cosplay (Jin Joson!), kawaii-ness and a lot more.
→ I love BL/yaoi/member-ai so much that everyday, I never forget to read/watch/imagine it.
→ I admire everything about Japan, and when I say everything, I mean everything.
→ I am a fan of Hey! Say! JUMP since 2009. I am a fan of Arashi since 2011.
→ I love Sho-kun and Dai-chan equally, though sometimes, one exceeds more than expected.
→ I write fictions occasionally, randomly, out of the blue and when I feel that I want to.
→ I am shy, silent, not so friendly fangirl. But I can be your friend once we know each other.

If you still want to read my crappy fanfiction(s) or just really want to befriend me, what you need to do is to leave an introductory comment below (comments are screened), add me as your friend, and wait for my reply.

And yes, thank you for dropping by! :)
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